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a couple of weeks ago

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em”

So, you’re a Fast Streamer.

A Future Leader.

But what does it mean to be a leader of the future when the future is uncertain?

Every individual Fast Stream journey is different, but most of us will have already navigated situations which are ambiguous, which challenge us beyond the limits of our lived experiences, and compel us to dig deeper. This is an unprecedented time of change for the Civil Service, before we even mention the B-word (you guessed it - breakfast), and the Civil Service requires leaders who can steer the country through uncharted waters.


Now more than ever, public sector workers must deliver more with finite resources. Creativity is demanded of us as leaders to come up with the best and most effective solutions while weighing up costs and benefits. To get the best out of our teams, we must ensure that diversity of thought is encouraged to thrive, welcoming critical challenge and therefore avoiding groupthink.

We must also be able to scan the horizon of developments in technology, which can revolutionise our ways of working, whilst also being mindful of the security risks and the disruption that can arise. There have been few other as exciting times to be a part of the Civil Service.

Our sessions will offer you practical tools to navigate professional life, with a focus on resilience, self-reflection, making an impact, and individual empowerment. At few other conferences would you be able to combine pilates with mindfulness, as well as career coaching and networking with experts who have confronted similar ambiguities as you are facing now as an early career professional.

There is no secret formula to becoming a great leader overnight, but we certainly hope that Utopia will give you food for thought.

Chloe Cheung, Future Leaders Lead

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