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4 days ago

A Message from Greg Hobbs

Welcome to Utopia! I hope you are all energised by the agenda and looking forward to the opportunity to meet with your Fast Stream colleagues from across government. Usually, I’d have Whitehall there, but I’m hoping that this conference goes wider...

This is a great opportunity from Fast Streamers from different parts of the country, different schemes and different cohorts to come together and reflect on how you all continue your development as senior leaders, working together to develop solutions to some of the challenges you all are facing.

The event team have worked with some fantastic partners in delivering this event, including the Whitehall & Industry Group, and SCS Sponsors, to ensure this will be an engaging and thought-provoking event for you all.

Thinking about the key strands for Utopia; I hope this a space for you all to continue the conversations that are likely to play a huge role in shaping the organisation you work in and, by doing so, play a role in how the Civil Service responds to these challenges.

As we consider our future workplace, we need to take advantage of the opportunities offered by new, exciting technologies such as machine learning, and automation; we need to place ‘digital’ at the heart of the services we offer and policy needs to be developed with those digital solutions in mind.

Equally, we know that a more diverse organisation is a higher performing organisation. How can we continue to make the Civil Service a more inclusive and diverse employer for our future workforce? Pushing our thinking ever forward around diversity in broader areas like social mobility and neurodiversity.

Finally, how can we prepare our future leaders for the challenges they will face throughout their professional lives? How do we ensure the leaders of tomorrow are ready to respond to the challenges the UK faces, even after those posed by EU Exit?

I hope that, whatever the discussions you have this week, you continue the conversation once you leave the event – both with your follow Fast Streamers and with your wider Civil Service colleagues.

I look forward to speaking to as many of you as possible.

Greg Hobbs, Head of the Fast Stream & Utopia Partner

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